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Imagine saving $1M+ for using a different drywall tape! You will if it’s Green Zip® Tape.

Green Zip® is the only drywall tape approved by the IRS to qualify for tax benefits as removable. This transform the interior, non-load bearing walls into movable drywall partitions. It reduces waste, noise and dust in renovations or repairs.

The immediate financial incentives from Green Zip® do not depend on walls ever being moved.

Green Zip® saves money in the future also. A case study proved savings in excess of $110 per lineal foot during renovations. Additionally, an international hotel chain recommends Green Zip for improving mold mitigation with less impact on operations and other guests.

A large developer uses Green Zip® to better respond to changes in market demand, e.g., one-bedroom units versus two-bedrooms, and to easily address building code changes. It also helps offset time delays due to construction errors. Earning up to 17 LEED points is also a welcomed benefit.

Finally, because Green Zip® remains in the building when it is sold, this can increase the resale price and make it more attractive to certain buyers.

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